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2013 Results and Photos

Hi Friends,

And yes, we call you friends, because we felt like we made some good friends yesterday.  Our team has tallied the results and used a PDF file for you to see.  Just click this link:

The first column is overall place.  The last column is place within age and gender class.  Let us know if you notice any errors.

We did have a few prizes in age groups go unclaimed.  We’ll hold onto them for a few days before giving them away to volunteers.  Also, 5 unclaimed packets were left behind.  If yours is one of them, we’ll also hang onto them for a few days before giving away T-shirts to volunteers.

We’d love to hear from you about the experience.  In any first-time event, there are bound to glitches.  Our key volunteers are ready to host another run next Thanksgiving, so let us know what went well and what needs improving.  You can use the comments of this blog post, or simply email us at

And, photos!  Here are a collection of photos that Jon took with his iPhone.  Not all are clear, but enjoy the show!



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